Current Research Projects

All clinical research conducted is in accordance with National Health and Medical Research Council Guidelines (NHMRC). Approval is obtained from the establishment’s ethics committee prior to the commencement of any project.

All clinical trials are registered with the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, which can be accessed at

The current research projects include:

Optimizing post-operative pain and fatigue in rotator cuff repair using pregabalin, amitryptyline or temazepam as an adjunct to pain management: a randomized, placebo controlled trial.
  • Optimizing_post-operative_pain_and_fatigue_in_rotator_cuff_repair.pdf

  • The effect of preoperative and postoperative hamstring stretches on knee range of motion (ROM), Knee Extension Angle (KEA) and fixed flexion deformity after total knee arthroplasty.
  • The_effect_of_hamstring_stretching_on_Knee_Extension_Angle_gait_characteristics_and_fixed_flexion_deformity.pdf

  • Computer assisted total knee arthroplasty: kinematic versus mechanical alignment.
  • Computer_Assisted_Total_Knee_Arthroplasty_Kinematic_vs_Mechanical_Alignment.pdf

  • Optimizing post operative outcomes in Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKR) through improved pain and fatigue management: a randomized placebo controlled trial.
  • Optimizing_post-operative_outcomes_in_Total_Knee_Arthroplasty_through_improved_pain_and_fatigue_management.pdf

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